A Managed Wireless system that allows you to integrate ICT in every aspect of school life

Case Study


Brookfields Primary School, located in the heart of Birmingham near the famous Jewellery Quarter are a 2 form entry school comprising of Nursery and Reception years through to Year 6.
With 25 rooms, made up of classrooms and offices with numerous breakout spaces a solid network infrastructure is key to not only providing engaging lessons and promoting the effective use of ICT within school but also to ensure that the behind the scenes operations can run to ensure smooth operation of the school.


Brookfields Primary School were having problems with their wireless network system, which was having a major impact on the use of ICT and staffs confidence in using equipment within school. We installed and configured a system that gives reliable wireless coverage throughout all areas of the school, which has in turn restored the staff’s faith in using ICT equipment to enhance learning.

• Greater Staff willingness to integrate ICT within lesson plans
• Greater coverage and configuration ability
• Enhanced Learning Capabilities


The wireless network was experiencing downtime and connectivity issues due to crashes in the wifi system. This system was managed by a 3rd party company and they were unable to resolve these issues.
The unreliable nature and performance of the wireless network was effecting the use of pupil and staff devices such as laptops and iPads and was having a negative impact on teaching and learning and the staffs faith in using ICT.

A solution was needed that was not only cost effective but would also future proof the wireless coverage and performance. Due to the lack of control over the system the new solution needed to give control to the school so initial troubleshooting of any issues could be done onsite rather than relying on a 3rd party.
Most importantly, staffs’ faith in ICT needed to be restored, we felt that a reliable infrastructure would really help to achieve this and would give a springboard to promote the use of ICT and engage children through the use of Laptops and iPads and deliver the computing curriculum.

How We Helped

After a meeting with the head teacher and listening to the challenges faced by the school and the vision for the future, a Ruckus Wireless system was recommended. It was the most cost effective system, that was manageable, up to date and would meet the schools needs now and into the future.

Upon securing the project a site visit was conducted, which included a current wireless network coverage map while identifying the most suitable locations for the new wireless points to give full coverage in all areas of the school. Once we identified these locations, we tested the current network to ensure all the relevant points were operational. We then proceed to install the new wireless system, which included mounting and connecting the new wireless points, installing and configuring the main controller and fully testing the new system. From start to finish, the configuration and installation took us a total of 2 days to complete keeping disruption to the school to an absolute minimum.


The Wireless network coverage is now excellent. staff have more confidence in the ICT equipment and are returning to use ICT in the classroom, leading to greater use of school resources and ICT engagement and integration in the classroom through the use of mobile devices such as iPads and Laptops

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