Curriculum Support

Curriculum Support

Over the last 20 years, we’ve witnessed and encouraged the use of technology in the classroom which has grown exponentially. Rather than IT lessons being taught once a week in a dedicated IT suite, technology has now been ingrained within all subjects areas and has become completely cross-curricular.

This has been achieved through the introduction of mobile touchscreen devices used in schools, along with the interactive touchscreens used at the front of the class, which has encouraged greater interaction between teachers and students and provided many additional collaborative opportunities.

One of the greatest reasons for working in the education sector is supporting the constant drive to find more innovative ways of teaching kids through the use of technology. Either through the use of a physical device or, the new software programs and cloud-based software packages that are constantly being developed and fine-tuned to add greater value.

Giving our Primary School aged pupils the exposure to this technology at such a young age will be a great foundation for them to build upon into Secondary education and beyond. Whilst none of us can accurately predict the future, it’s fair to say technology will play a big part in all ofour lives and we’re proud to be here, working closely with our schools to help and support the next generation.

How Can We Help?

Within our team of experienced professionals we possess a wealth of skills that enable our company to support schools in a variety of ways. With ex-teachers and teaching assistants, we’re able to bridge the gap between your teachers expectations and that of our technicians who are configuring the equipment. We also realise that IT is a hugely specialist area, and sometimes schools need assistance with planning and delivering the computing curriculum.

We currently support teaching in the classroom in a multitude of ways, from planning and delivering the computing curriculum, training staff to become more confident with technology themselves and also providing the necessary PPA cover to release your teaching staff during busy times.

One of our strongest values as a company is to share good practice when we see it, and to communicate that with our other schools as part of a wider conversation to encourage a positive step forward.

Computing Clubs

One of the additional services that we offer to our schools are the delivery of computer clubs which we arrange after school and during holiday times. These are great opportunities to expand on the computing curriculum further through the use of additional equipment and push those pupils on further who wish develop their coding skills. We have a range of robotics equipment that can be built and programmed, allowing the students to work collaboratively in small groups, firstly building the structure and then learning to interact through the use of software programming.