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Supplying the right equipment to schools whilst ensuring the best value for money is essential when budgets are tight, and achieving best value isn’t always a case of supplying the cheapest. Having a good understanding of the environment in which the products will be used in, allows us to suggest and recommend hardware from the customers perspective. Also, working across a network of schools allows us to share good practice when we see it and also, give an honest account when at times, the equipment hasn’t lived up to our expectations.

As the incumbent IT support provider, it is strongly within our interests to supply robust equipment that is both reliable and fit for purpose. After all, it’s our team that will be supporting it! Our involvement doesn’t stop once the items have been delivered. We complete the initial configuration and setup ready for the end user and continue to support over the lifetime of the product for those customers with an active contractual agreement.

We have long standing partnerships with all major UK based distributors which allows us to negotiate better educational prices on a wide range of products. Please get in touch with sales@haztechnology.co.uk to speak with a representative today.

Equipment We Provide

Our long-standing partnerships with major UK-based distributors allows us to negotiate better educational prices on a wide range of products.

Often, the benefits of a portable laptop device for staff are fulfilled in a school environment when remote, flexible working is essential to being productive. We look to provide staff with lightweight, secure devices that are encrypted from the outset, before leaving the school site. We also configure software to remotely monitor and manage these devices via a cloud based solution.

Student laptops, hybrid devices and netbooks, have often been valuable teaching aids in the classroom, especially when a tablet device does not provide the students with more traditional, keyboard and mouse experience.

We often promote the use of a dedicated computer at the front of the classroom, running the very latest Microsoft operating system to power the audio-visual (AV) equipment. Not only does this provide a more reliable solution compared to a laptop, the system can be updated and the software maintained through our automated, scheduling process.

It’s difficult to over-estimate the impact of mobile devices in the education sector over the last decade and the benefits these devices bring. The touch screen interface works perfectly for little hands and the primary school apps are so intuitive to use, the pupils are able to creatively express themselves in a multitude of ways.

We have supplied many Apple devices to schools over the years, and configured the correct mobile device management (MDM) solutions which is essential to safeguard their use, whilst automating the sizeable task of organising profiles and deploying apps.

Whilst Apple have certainly established a leading market share in this particular area, we have also successfully used alternative, Android based tablet devices in schools at a greatly reduced cost.

Having worked in schools for over 20 years, we witnessed the initial phase of interactive whiteboards and projectors in classrooms and saw first hand the engagement from the pupils when exposed to this type of technology. Fast forward some years and now we’re seeing the benefits of the new interactive displays, with clearer images, greater interaction and yes, no filters and bulbs!

We currently supply Promethean, Smart and Genee screens, along with a range of others to suit your schools requirements. Often we can arrange demonstrations of these screens for your staff to experiment with before purchasing, and provide after sales care and support to train your teaching staff on the correct use to maximise your expenditure.

Having a reliable network, ready to serve the needs of your staff and students on a daily basis requires a solid networking infrastructure , along with a server on which to host the network, data files and essential applications.

With virtualisation technology available now, it is much easier to provide fault tolerant solutions that out-perform the old traditional methods, and provide more flexibility for expanding your capacity over time.

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If you have any questions about the equipment we provide or would like to place an order, please either email the sales team today or phone our head office for a free consultation call. This allows us to help recommend products to better suit your needs.