One of our most recent projects took place at Kingsland Primary School, where we enrolled, configured and released over 40 new iPad’s for staff and students to use.

The Project:

The school requested some new iPad’s to further their digital learning platform and online curriculum. There were already 50+ iPad’s currently used around school by staff and students alike, and the school requested for the enrollment and configuration of additional 40 devices to supplement these.

To begin this project, the devices were enrolled into Apple School Manager, with this enabling us to manage the devices more effectively and feed this into the school’s Mosyle Manager MDM. A large number of our partner schools are using Mosyle Manager as their mobile device management software of choice, with it being an ultra-secure, effective solution to manage and deploy iOS devices across K12.

Once the devices were enrolled into Apple School Manager and synced with Mosyle, we then created the correct installation profiles (containing Wi-Fi certificates, curriculum applications and more) and assigned this to the newly-enrolled devices. These devices were stored in a central location in Mosyle for ease of access and future management purposes.

These kinds of projects are always enjoyable – after all, who doesn’t love setting up fresh devices from scratch?!

Here at Haz Technology, we’re proud to be a licenced Mosyle Manager partner, allowing us to provide discount on licencing and membership. If this is something that may be of interest to your school, please do get in touch – we’d love to help!

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