Replacing a wireless network in a school can be a daunting task, but with the right planning and execution, it can be done seamlessly with minimal disruption to the daily operations of the school. Our team of installers recently upgraded one of our clients wireless network, replacing the old, aging access points with fresh Ubiquiti AP’s alongside installing a new Ubiquiti network switch to improve connectivity. 

Planning and Preparation 

The first step in the process was to assess the current wireless network and identify any areas of improvement. This included looking at the current capacity and coverage of the network, as well as identifying any bottlenecks in the network infrastructure. Once the assessment was complete, we began planning the upgrade by selecting the appropriate hardware and software to meet the school’s needs. As with all of our installation projects, we offer a free site survey during the planning and preparation phase of your project, ensuring that we produce an in-depth report of the task at hand alongside best practices for smooth completion. 

One of the key decisions made during this phase was to provide some high-quality hardware – we want the equipment supplied not only to function effectively, but to be durable and as cost-effective as possible. For this project we chose the Ubiquiti branded access points and network switch for installation; Ubiquiti are known for their high-performance wireless networking equipment, with this both cost-effective and easy to manage from a central dashboard. 

Installation and Configuration 

The installation process takes place at a pre-agreed date, in this instance over the school holiday period where no staff or students are on site, therefore minimising disruption to the school’s daily operations. The new access points were placed strategically throughout the school to ensure optimal coverage and capacity. The new network switch was installed in the cabinet, which allowed us to centralise the management of the wireless network and easily troubleshoot any issues that may arise. 

The end result was a wireless network that was significantly faster and more reliable than the previous one. The coverage and capacity of the network were greatly improved, and the new network switch allowed for more efficient management of the network. The students and staff were able to enjoy a much better wireless experience, with faster internet speeds and fewer connection issues. 

To Wrap Up… 

Upgrading a wireless network in a school is a necessary step in keeping up with the ever-increasing demands of technology in education. By selecting the right hardware and software, and properly planning and executing the upgrade, it’s possible to minimise disruption and provide students and staff with a much better wireless experience. 

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